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Naturberg Design Co.
Jacob Guse
Grafik-Designer HBFS
Lindenstr. 19, 16359 Biesenthal

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Dissent to

If you send us without consent advertising or information materials in any form to the provided imprint contact data, we will use our right to take legal action.

Privacy statement

All data, you are entering somewhere on the Internet, never will be 100% safe — be self-responsible with them. Various plugins will check, validate or exchange inputs with servers outside the EU. We try to keep these queries and the use of cookies as low as possible.

The following provisions describe the type, scope and purpose of collecting, processing and utilizing personal data from us on this and additional websites. The legal principles of privacy protection can be found in the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Here you also get the GDPR overview.

Access data and server-logfiles

Our webspace provider Strato collects data about every access on this website, so-called server log files. This includes the name of the called website (from where you came), data, date and time of query, transferred data amount, report about the successful query, your browsers type and version, your operating system, referrer URL (previously visited site), your IP-Adress and the requesting provider. The provider only uses the server-logfiles for statistical evaluations for the purpose of operation, security and to optimize the supply. The provider reserves the right, to check the log files, in case of specific indications about reasonable suspicion of use against the law.

Handling of personal data

Personal Data will only be collected, used and forwarded from us with a legal basis or with your consent to collect the data. Find out more about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the website of the European Commission: What is personal Data?

Making contact

If you contact us via mail, we will collect information about you for the purpose of processing the inquiry or in case of follow-up questions. We use Strato (see statement) for Hosting & Mails and Apple iCloud (see statement) for Contacts. You can consent to the use of WhatsApp (see statement) for our communication.


When we sent you files we will probably use the services WeTransfer (see statement), Microsoft OneDrive (see statement), Google Drive (see statement), or Dropbox (see statement). Whatsoever, we will ask you for your consent beforehand. If you like to send us files, you’re welcome to use one of these too.

Third-party applications

Applications linked from third parties (e.g. YouTube-Videos, Google Maps, RSS-Feeds or graphics) can be within this offer. This always assumes that the operator of such content (hereinafter “third party’s”), perceives the user’s IP address, otherwise they could not send the content to the browser of the perspective user. The IP address is necessary to display these contents. The operator endeavors to use only such content from third parties, who only use the IP addresses for the delivery of content. However, the operator has no influence on whether, if the third party’s collecting IP addresses for statistical purposes. Insofar as is known to the operator, it shall raise the users on it.


Cookies are small text files on the accessing user device (PC, Smartphone, or similar) and contained information related to even this device. They serve the usability of websites and users (e.g. login data), to analyze user behavior for statistics and therefore to optimize the offer. Users can influence the use of cookies. Most browsers have options to restrict or prevent complete the saving of cookies. Note: Prevent saving the cookies would restrict the usability. You could manage online ad cookies from many companies and third parties via the US American website or the European website


According to the Federal Data Protection Act, users have a right to free-of-charge information about their stored data and possibly entitlement to correction, blocking, or deletion of such data, unless there are legal hold precludes.

Usage rules for pictures & designs

These terms for use apply to all photos & designs from Jacob Guse, and our social media accounts named above. If you have any questions or like to use photos or designs which aren’t in our store, please don’t hesitate to contact us via mail.


Sharing our work, pictures, publications and social media posts with copyright marks, tags and links.

Quotations with copyright marks, tags and links.

How to mark

Work, pictures and publications with copyright mark “ by Jacob Guse” and “follow”-link to ““. On social media platforms with a tag and clickable link to my respective account:

facebook @jacob.guse
instagram @jacob.naturberg
pinterest @jacobnaturberg


  • Sharing my work, pictures, publications and social media posts without copyright mark, tag and link
  • Commercial, editorial or corporate use in all on- or offline media without licensepurchase in store or make a request
  • Editing work, pictures and publications in any form
  • Removing the logo or copyright mark
  • Copying complete publications

Offense fines

We appeal to your goodwill and that you understand, that usage rights are important. Those who ignore these terms will carry the bill for the usage. Minimum fines per usage apply by offense and misuse on all offline and online media:

  • Private use: 80 €
  • Editorial use: 120 €
  • Commercial use: 160 €

Higher fines are under reserve according to enhanced usage.

Last update: February 2023