Senior Graphic Designer +
Outdoor Leader

currently based in Watarrka, NT Australia
coming soon to Vancouver, BC Canada


Jacob’s heart has always been pounding for the great outdoors and its wonders. If under the sea at the great barrier reef, a fangorn forest around a mirror tarn, a rock in a vast desert, or on snowy mountains. Back in Germany, he spent his holidays in the European Alps on hiking adventures, fascinated by the earth’s massive rock formations and humbling views over the land.

Over the years he’s helped his design clients to build outdoor adventure brands and tourism projects, striving to create awareness for the outdoors and to support sustainable projects and products that are committed to reducing their environmental impacts.

Currently, he is looking into opportunities to upskill in the ecotourism and outdoor leadership industry. As a traveller over the past 6 years, he spent the majority of his time in the outdoors and visited many — as well as worked in some — places with great revenue through tourism and has seen the negative impact tourism is causing. But there is great potential too and so he hopes for opportunities to contribute to a positive change.

Jacob Guse – Exploring in New Zealand