The Koya Project

Aquaponics Systems for the world

The mission of the Koya Project Corp. is to empower people in underprivileged communities and rural areas so that they learn to grow their own nutritious food using sustainable Aquaponics technology. Could you envision a world where everyone has access to healthy food? What if this is a way to end the circle of hunger and despair? What if this is a sustainable and affordable way to food security and self-sufficiency? What if this could change the world – and help eliminate hunger now?

I met the founder Michael Hensel in a co-working space on Bali and as he told me about this project, I didn’t understood it at first. But he was so convincing, that I made my first proposal at the same afternoon.

The old website definitely needed a refreshment, had to be more simple and clear, the user guidance more on point. This project and the people within give a great story, which has to be told.

Project details

Art Direction, Web
Koya Project Corp.